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TFO Spares - Yarn Twister Machine Parts

Wintex Engineering Company manufactures and supplies Textile Machinery Spares suitable for TFO (Two for One Twister ) like Multiple Tension device, Flyers, PTR dics, Catridges and many more. We also have a variety of Capsules for TFO machines from "Zero" groove to "Four" grooves and PTR Dics

TFO Spares TFO Spares
TFO Spares  

VOLKMANN TFO Spares Plastic Bush 30755 (RED)
  Plastic Bush 30755 (RED)
  Pig Tail
  Bushing 16.4/22.1 X 10(SLOTTED) 930016
  Shaft Only FOR 106.2 without Gears & Free Wheeling
  Shaft Length 1390 MM
  303-4 Feed Bush 5
  303-24 Magnet
  306-8 Support
  Coupling FOR 25MM Shaft Complete
  317-16 Coupling
  Centering Disc 32.5 MM DIA
  Belt Guide Roller
  Cradle Disc 32.5MM DIA
  PTR Disc
  Front Centering Disc– OUR PART NO.527
  Back Centering Disc --OUR PART NO..528
  Flyer position model TF -09
  Ceramic bush holder
  Multiple Tension Device
  Slotted Bush
  Guidefor VOLKMAN TFO
  Bush for VOLKMAN TFO
  Capsule / Cartridge zero groove
  Capsule / Cartridge single groove
  Capsule / Cartridge two groove 50056
  Capsule / Cartridge three groove
SAVIO TFO Spares Small Adapter
LUWA TFO Spares Bearing Plug AN.1245.3201
  Connector Piece AN.0045-0001
  Damper Lever 0045.0101.L
  Spring Rubber AN-00038542.n
  Suction Nozzle

Contact us with your specifications for ordering TFO Parts